Monday, October 4, 2010

Colour Previewers

Hi Everyone,
 I recently developed these Colour Previewers to help Artist( see )colour before they commit to their work.
The set is made up of 12 colours  in reds, blues ,yellows, oranges & grays that are graduated, transparent, waterproof.
Used with Transparent Semi/Transparent pigments for Watercolour,Oils, Acrylic.

Size 3"x 3" or 7.5 X 7.5cm.
The set of 12 colours is          $29.00
 Australia Dollars
P&H Australia/New Zealand $4.00 AUD
P&H International                   $6.00 AUD

To order go to my web site

The way they work you can paint one colour onto the surface when dry, choose another colour to go over it and you will see what hue that has become ,you can add the same colour in the next glaze or another colour to change the hue ,you can do this as many times as required until the value has been reached.  
I'm sure every Aritst has wondered when coming to the end of a painting what another glaze will look like ,now you can just do that, without the worry of going too dark you can deepen glaze by glaze .Colour choises become easier as you have the luxury of seeing through the colour viewer what it will eventualy look like before you commit giving you a preview.
 I have found this a great  tool for working with on my paintings

 The Colour Previewers   colours are generic they
will match many artist palette.
 I use Schmincke and Winsor& Newton Pigments
Aureolin Yellow  
Indian Yellow
Transucent orange
Ruby Red/Perm Rose
Scarlet Red
Alizarin Crimson
Purple Magenta
Thalo Blue
Ultrmarine Blue finest
Thalo Blue gs
Sap Green
Payne's Gray bluish  
 C copyrighted 2010 to marylkaart.                                              


  1. Hello, This is to thank you Maria, for producing these amazing pre viewers, it is so very useful to have these pre viewers in all the colours that I use, and in the same brand of paint, I only have to place one, or more than one of the pre viewers over an area of my painting to find the colour I need, before I commit, knowing that what I see, is what I am going to get, the fact that the colours on each pre viewer are graduated is an added bonus, a brilliant piece of equipment, that I would not be without, this is one piece of equipment that I do not leave in the art supply draw, I use it all the time, so it is right next to me as I paint, I highly recommend the pre viewer to any artist. Thank you Maria, regards, Patricia.

  2. Maria these color previewers are an amazing tool. I agree with Paul one hundred percent. Thanks!