Monday, April 29, 2013

Making transfer paper for oils

I  found the  graphite transfer paper used for art work, when using it to to trace my drawing onto the board or canvas for oil painting ,it was difficult to erace the lines in the light areas.

So I experimented another way, with a pastel  pencil ,I covered a sheet of tracing paper with a gray color ,take your time to cover all the paper ,with a light touch and a tissue I wiped the excess very gently or just leave it.I use that to trace my image on canvas or board, making sure the tracing paper was facing the right way you can put a mark on the side that faces down,  the lines completly rubbed out .The pastel pencil won't effect the oil color.I make sure I don't lean my hand on the surface to much but it can be picked up with a soft tissue if smudges appear where it's not wanted, this happens with graphite also.

When not in use I roll it up and keep it in an empty hand paper roll.
Tracing paper comes in different sizes so make a size that suits the size I work with.
Here is a link for those that don't know what it looks like.

I would not use the pastel pencil made sheet transfer paper for watercolor not sure of the effects ,I may try it out for another post.
You can look on youtube to make a graphite one for watercolor.
Some artist use the pastel pencil to draw straight on to the canvas/board then apply oil paints  pastel pencil marks it just blends in.
For detailed work I need all the information in a drawing first ,it can be on the tracing paper as i can rub out as much as I need.
Hope you like this tip.

Thursday, October 7, 2010